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Mixed-Use Development Proposal Comprising Residential & Employment Uses

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December 2023

End of Year report

June 2023

Presentation slides from the CLG meeting on 14th June

December 2022

End of Year report

Potential new settlement identity survey

October 2022

Community Liaison Group – Agenda 27th October

Community Liaison Group – Minutes of the meeting 10th August

August 2022

Community Liaison Group – Site walk

July 2022

Community Liaison Group – Minutes of the meeting 31st May

Community Liaison Group – Terms of Reference 

Community Liaison Group – Meeting slides 31st May

Community Liaison Group – CLG survey results 

Letter to Tritax – Consortium Group Response

Leicester and Leicestershire Housing Statement of Common Ground

April 2022

Community Liaison Group launch

December 2021

Community update - workshops

Following the community workshops held in October 2021, we shared a summary of the key findings and next steps with all 4,750 households who were invited to attend. We also shared a more detailed written record of conversations on the day with the more than 100 people who were able to attend in person across the two days

October 2021

Vision workshop

The consortium held workshops with local representatives and members of the public to discuss the early vision for a new settlement. This preliminary exercise was designed to introduce the emerging vision for the site and listen to and engage with surrounding communities at the earliest opportunity. 

The vision workshop had a clear focus on the development of a vision for the site, to inform the masterplanning process. No masterplan has yet been developed. The workshops were intended to be an open forum for the project team to collect further information about the site from the local community and to understand issues, concerns, and ideas for the future development of the site at a local level. The information gained through the visioning process, will then feed into the masterplanning process and development.

The session comprised an introduction to the project team and site including an overview of technical baseline work undertaken and inviting an open forum discussion for comments, concerns and ideas/visions to be put forward, followed by breakout topic groups which were focused on key themes to allow local issues to be discussed. The key themes were (but were not limited to):

  1. Mobility and Connectivity – how the masterplan can connect to its surroundings and promote sustainable transport modes, and the infrastructure required
  2. Environment and Green and Blue Infrastructure – how to create attractive and multifunctional open spaces, increase biodiversity and address climate change, including drainage and flood risk
  3. Community and Uses – the type of facilities and services that will support the new community, and their best location to also benefit existing communities
  4. Homes and Places – how a diverse provision of homes can cater for different people’s needs and aspirations, embrace local character and define the identity of the place

The introductory presentation that was presented at the event can be downloaded at the link below: